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Anonymous Affiliates Declare #OpAFG Against Taliban

On December 24th, a large number of Twitter and Telegram accounts claiming affiliation with the Anonymous hacking collective declared “OpAFG” against Afghanistan’s Taliban. The so-called operation is being declared in response to a recent decision by the Taliban to ban…

#OpIran – How Hacktivism Is Shaping Iran’s Protests

Iran has erupted in protest after the brutal September 16th killing of Jina (or Mahsa) Amini. The Iranian government has had an extreme response: violent crackdowns, missile attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan, and a near-complete cutoff of its citizenry from any global communications. The reply from the Hacktivist community has been resounding. In part of the so-called "#OpIran", websites and infrastructure have sustained intense cyber attacks. Hackers have doxxed government officials and pro-regime celebrities. An important lifeline to the protest movement, these groups provided Iranian citizens with awareness of tools to continue reaching outside support and media while protecting their privacy.