The Moloch is a new journalism project for tracking technology-related happenings in InfoSec, OSINT, and Conflict spaces.

It is currently run by Mark Bruno. Mark is a noncommissioned officer in the United States military, where he serves as a Combat Medic and a Public Affairs Representative. He holds a Master’s Certificate in Information Assurance from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the State University system of New York.

Aspiring to a career in Conflict Journalism, his areas of security interest are in military medicine, information security, and weapons technology.

Statements made on The Moloch Blog are his own, and do not reflect any policies or positions of the United States Department of Defense.

Why “The Moloch”?

The word “Moloch” refers to a biblical figure, which was a deity worshipped by ancient Canaanites and was associated with child sacrifice. In modern usage, the term is sometimes used to refer to an entity or system that demands unreasonable or harmful sacrifices.

The Moloch’s ultimate goal is to track technology’s impact on society or the drawbacks and risks of technological advancements.

Mark also picked it because it felt catchy and he hates Alex Jones.