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Could Ukraine Really Produce A Game-Changing Drone?

In the first week of December, Ukraine successfully executed multiple UAV-based attacks deep into Russian territory. Despite expert analysis demystifying details of the strikes before the week was over, rumors still abounded about the attacks, which included speculation of Ukraine's development of some secretive, long-ranged, unmanned platform. Is a new, secret weapon in the skies over eastern Europe? Whether or not such a device yet exists, there's a strong case to be made that one of Europe's most understated and innovative drone producers may have its stride again under fire.

#OpIran – How Hacktivism Is Shaping Iran’s Protests

Iran has erupted in protest after the brutal September 16th killing of Jina (or Mahsa) Amini. The Iranian government has had an extreme response: violent crackdowns, missile attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan, and a near-complete cutoff of its citizenry from any global communications. The reply from the Hacktivist community has been resounding. In part of the so-called "#OpIran", websites and infrastructure have sustained intense cyber attacks. Hackers have doxxed government officials and pro-regime celebrities. An important lifeline to the protest movement, these groups provided Iranian citizens with awareness of tools to continue reaching outside support and media while protecting their privacy.

“Uber For Artillery” – What is Ukraine’s GIS Arta System?

Throughout the Summer, the US-built M142 HIMARS established itself as a symbol of Ukraine's ability to strike back against building Russian momentum, perhaps even edging out the Bayraktar TB2 as the meme weapon du jour in the heated social media war. While there's no denying that the HIMARS are having a measurable impact, UA artillery units have already been making use of a home-grown development that, in the long term, may make the biggest difference in the conflict's asymmetrical artillery duals. This is the GIS Arta targeting system, and the effects of its innovation may outlast that of any other tool seen in this conflict.