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Moloch Journals

More intimate writings associated with various investigations, travels, and stuff that’s just too personally colored to be appropriate anywhere else on the site or the podcast.

Iconoclast Blog (Now Integrated With My Personal Website)

Non-technology. Vibes, Politics, and popping off about stuff inappropriate for The Moloch or Virtual Verity.

A message from Mark:

Money Is A Thing

The time has come for The Moloch to put its hat out. Ventures are steadily coming along on the Podcasting and YouTube fronts, and the amount of time I’ve chosen to dedicate to material and work relevant to the project is approaching that of a part-time job. To take this to the next level in 2024, I’ve reluctantly implemented a monetization scheme that I hope isn’t overstepping.

Ads. By now, you can probably hear ads on the podcast and see them on the article pages of the website. I will stick with an ad model for now, as I believe that news shouldn’t be behind a paywall.

That said, I have implemented a subscription model through Steady, who strike me as having substantially more moral fiber than some other prominent publication and newsletter platforms. For now, I only have the entry-level tier available at $5/month or $60/year to get ad-free versions of everything. However, future development will also come with a promise of bonus episodes, parasocial adventures, and other ways of making you feel as though your money is well spent. I’m still working out the spread.

As well, I’ve fired up a one-time donation model through Buy Me A Coffee that won’t get you anything special at the moment, other than my eternal gratitude.

Getting Personal

I plan on putting more of myself into the project. Expect to see far more crossover with my personal pages, material being shared around from my LinkedIn, etc. Livestreams and TikToks are something I’m really looking forward to diving into in a few months.

I’m preparing more articles that will have a more personal bent in the Moloch Journals. Before long, articles about various investigations and events I’ve attended should be making their way onto that page. I plan on having a lot of fun with it, so I hope it’s worth it for you. As well, I’m trying to re-launch my non-technically focused blog, The Iconoclast, which focuses more on anti-conspiracy, anti-authoritarian anecdotes, “vibes”, and general catchall stuff that doesn’t belong on this website. Some of you might know those articles from their original home on Substack. In light of recent revelations, I don’t feel comfortable with that site being monetized while I try to make this into a career.

The Moloch’s Powers Are Growing

I’m happy to say that various developments on the personal front mean that my knowledge of this site’s topics is growing, as is my ability to actively participate in the spaces that are often discussed. It’s my hope that this will translate to far more insightful, engaging, and accurate content.

If you took the time to read all of that, you’re awesome.