KromSec And AnonSpid3r Attack Iranian Foreign Ministry, Release Statement

The evening November 11th saw a string of cyber attacks against the Iranian Foreign Ministry and other websites targeted as part of the OpIran hacktivism campaign.

The afternoon of November 11th saw a string of cyber attacks against the Iranian Foreign Ministry and other websites targeted as part of the OpIran hacktivism campaign.

At 13:39 Iranian local time, KromSec-affiliated hacktivist, “Spid3r”, proclaimed on their Telegram channel that they had taken down the site of the Imam Khomeini Seminary, Revolutionary Guard-affiliated Farsnews, and the Iranian Foreign Ministry. This follows a string of attacks on several Irainian ISPs.

As of the morning of November 13th, the sites have returned with most usability.

A Public Statement

In response to a number of recent accusations lodged at the group, they have elected to follow up this weeks’ attacks with a public statement:


Greetings dear citizens of the world, As KromSec, we thought that it is the right of people to make a statement against the lies told about us and those who try to make us look bad to the Iranian people, and we have prepared an announcement for you.

First, we’ll list the things they accuse us of doing.

1- Accusing us of attacking the Ukrainian government.
2- Accusing us of making money and profits using the name Anonymous
3- Accusing us of doing fake hacks.
4- Accuse of being kicked off Anonymous.
5- Accusing people of stealing money.

So why are these accusations against us?
Because dear citizens of the world, we are doing something for you. And we do this without any gain.

Let’s examine how absurd and meaningless the accusations are with our answers.

1- We have provided access to the websites of the Ukrainian government, we accept this. We even shared screenshots of ourselves that we provided access. During OpRussia, we exploited the websites of the Ukrainian government by gaining access before russian hackers just to protect its people.

And the thought of Anonymous is anarchist. There is no privilege of any government or authority. It won’t. People who join the idea of ??Anonymous together with OpRussia think that we support the Ukrainian government, but this is wrong. We have only taken steps to stop the war. And the idea that the Ukrainian government is unhackable is wrong. Therefore, no one can even deign to accuse us of this.

2- No one can collect donations under an anonymous name. Because the idea demands it. Today, those who collect donations under the name Anonymous cannot use the name Anonymous. We have not asked for donations from anyone and we will not.

3- When we first examine the old tweets of the accounts accusing us of fake hacking, it is not difficult to realize that they are our supporters. So why are these accounts calling us fake hackers today? Our followers know very well what we are doing, and we will follow the path we know is right.

4- Kicked out of Anoymous? They must be kidding. Anonymous Is not an club or group so we can get kicked out. In addition, the expulsion of our leader, Spid3r from DoomSec, is due to misunderstandings and the hatred that the DoomSec leader has for himself. Today, neither the DoomSec team nor those who hold a grudge against Spid3r are in the place. They’re all gone…

5- Accusations that we are stealing people’s money by carding. This is because we do not want people with ‘carding’ skills to write to us in our team’s message for recruits. No, we do not do carding as a team. We haven’t done it before. The reason we published it in that message is to learn about the existence of cardable sites. Those who accuse us of stealing people’s money should be concerned with how they make their own money.

About the screenshots directed to us :

1- The message that the DoomSec group has cut off ties with its spider.
2- The image of the post that we want those with carding skills in KromSec channel to write to us.

Statement that we hacked the domain we bought ourselves (Mentioned domain []) : ;

1- As you can see, there is a page made by the ‘1877 Team’ on the site. 1877 Team stated that the Russian hosting and domain company had vulnerabilities in their website. And share proof from their telegram accounts and that they could receive service free of charge and proved this by purchasing this domain. However, he shared two messages separately on his channels and later explained that this was not a hack but a proof of that vuln. Spid3r shared this domain like many previous hacks of 1877 Team. Upon receiving the message ‘the domain was purchased on the day it was hacked’, he asked 1877 Team about the situation and deleted the tweet after learning the right incident.

2- This domain name has nothing to do with the KromSec team and is the only false basis for the accusation that they are buying domains that refer to us. Therefore, the claim that our team bought a fake domain has been denied.

3- As an extra: You can access the defaces of the KromSec team on its channel and archive registration sites.

Hacking of Iranian forensic institute :

Therefore, any accusation leveled against us is false and distorted. As we started OpIran, we will bring it to an end. We will not stop being with people. The attacks against us have proven that we are on the right path.

Long live the free peoples of the world! Fear has no place in freedom!

With love, KromSec Team.


“Spid3r” and Kromsec have taken credit for the attack

Last month, we released an article you can read here about the killing of Jina Amini and the origins of OpIran.