“Welcome to Hell!”

On the afternoon of November 19th, the Armed Forces of Ukraine alleged that a group of hackers briefly interrupted Russian state TV broadcasts and subjected viewers to a pro-Ukrainian propaganda reel on their behalf.

A video was published along with the statement, seeming to demonstrate multiple channels hijacked to show the same broadcast.

The video proclaims that they have given the various missile and artillery corps of the Russian Army a holiday and congratulate them as graphic demonstrations of artillery strikes accompany a scroll of the estimated losses, including 83,460 casualties, corresponding to those published on November 18th by the Kyiv Independent.

Video alleging what Russian viewers saw. Taken from the Armed Forces Ukraine Stratcom Telegram channel.

This isn’t the first time that Russian television has been successfully attacked by pro-Ukraine actors.

Similar attacks were carried out on March 7th, May 8th, and September 11th. Each of the previous attacks had different groups claiming responsibility.