New Threat Actor Drop: ARCUS MEDIA

2024 could be the year that sees the end of LockBit, but there's still no sign of the explosion of ransomware slowing down. While LockBitSup gets sanctioned and BlackBasta scrambles to evolve past successful decryption efforts, a host of new ransomware threat actors have stepped up to the plate. Enter: ARCUS MEDIA

NXP Faces Prolonged Breach by Chimera Group

NXP faces prolonged breach by chimera group

On November 24, 2023, members of the Dutch press were told of a significant cybersecurity incident involving NXP, a Dutch microchip designer and manufacturer. Reports say that the company fell victim to Chinese hackers belonging to the ‘Chimera‘ group, who…

Australian Ports Sustain Major Cyber Attacks

ports managed by DP World Australia Come Under Attack

On Friday, November 10, 2023, a significant cybersecurity incident rattled major Australian ports managed by (Dubai Ports) DP World Australia, the nation’s largest container terminal operator. DP World handles 40% of maritime freight at the crucial ports of Melbourne, Sydney,…